A guide to eating well at a Buffet

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Most restaurants offer an “all you can eat” buffet with a standard price. It can be of great value if you know what you are eating. Here is a guide to eating well at a buffet:

  1. Don’t starve yourself before going to eat

The previous meals eaten during the day must be very light and moderate. If you want to eat a lot at the buffet, make sure you drink plenty of water. Do not drink soda or alcohol while having a meal.

  1. Overview

When you arrive at the buffet, usually the salads are kept up front followed by fresh vegetables which are good for your health, make sure you do not fill yourself with it. Always get to know what is ahead and focus on the good stuff in the buffet. An overview can help you to decide on what to eat at the buffet.


  1. Small portions-

Every buffet has unlimited refills, so you can always go for more. Make sure not to stuff yourself with large portions and consume fewer portions instead. This will enable you to eat more.

  1. Watch out for the starch

Some of the dishes like rice, bread, pasta, and potatoes are not expensive but filling. Most restaurants want you to eat more starched food so that you’ll have less room to eat the other costly offerings.

  1. Don’t overeat-

It is a tough one as it is impossible not to eat everything at a buffet, make sure to eat selectively and restrain yourself. Drink herbal tea or any digestive to help you out with eating at a buffet. Always take a few deep breaths and wait for a few minutes before round two.

  1. Be a little selective-

Be particular when you are at a buffet, be aware of the foods that contain high calories and fat. Consume foods that work well for you and when there is a wide selection, go for the ones that you can eat. Do not fill your stomach with Soda and French fries as both of this abuse the buffet experience.

  1. Clean your plate-

It is bad manners to leave the buffet food on the plate after you finish eating. Only eat what you can so you will not waste food. Sometimes the food might not be as you expected it to be but if you feel it’s a little off then push it aside. Some buffets will charge you by the weight of the food wasted by you.

  1. Desserts-

Desserts are a common factor at a buffet and are usually in smaller portions, but some people tend to sample of all of them. The fat and sugar calories can make it hard to digest, and it is the best time to test your self-control. Having a little-frozen yogurt or some fresh fruit is good for digestion.